FreedomWorks for America Urges Georgia Activists to Rally Behind Karen Handel

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FreedomWorks for America urged conservative activists in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District to rally behind Karen Handel for Congress, in a race of national interest and importance. Handel advanced to the June 20 runoff in Tuesday’s special election. People across the country are looking to see whether conservatives can hold this seat or if single-payer big-government advocates will score an upset.

“Karen Handel is a dedicated conservative who knows that the key to economic growth is reducing the size and scope of government,” FreedomWorks for America Chairman Adam Brandon said. “She wants to empower individuals and communities, which is what she has done in during her time in public service.”

“There are once-in-a-generation opportunities ahead in Congress, including fundamental tax reform and regulatory reform, that will boost the economy, putting more money in the pockets of hardworking Americans and allowing businesses to expand and innovate. We know that Handel will approach these issues thoughtfully and from a conservative perspective. Her Democratic opponent will only follow Nancy Pelosi’s lead and try to block a pro-growth agenda.”

“We can’t be complacent. After eight years of failed economic policies, which the Democrat in this race wants to continue, conservatives in Georgia’s 6th District to must work to ensure that Karen Handel wins on June 20.”

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Director of Communications