FreedomWorks for America Launches Radio Ad in Support of Sen. Mike Lee

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FreedomWorks for America today launched a radio ad in support of Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah). The radio ad, a $15,000 buy, will air in the Salt Lake City radio market and run through the close of candidate filing on March 17.

“One of our biggest priorities in the 2016 election cycle is ensuring the re-election of Mike Lee. He is a proven constitutional conservative who has worked for Utah in the Senate and fought for reforms that protect Americans’ privacy rights and to re-establish the legislative branch’s rightful constitutional role in the lawmaking process,” said FreedomWorks for America Chairman Adam Brandon. “Mike Lee doesn’t waiver or compromise. He always stands on principle and fights for the rights of Utahns.”

The radio ad is available here.

Script: Senator Mike Lee has a record that gleams with honesty, integrity, and the kind of bold reforms Utah expects from its senators.

During his first term, Mike Lee has worked tirelessly to protect your privacy, stop corporate welfare, promote school choice, and to give Utah more control over how to build its roads and bridges. Mike Lee has also taken the lead on a project to rein in President Obama and his army of regulators, and to restore the proper role of Congress.

Support Mike Lee for U.S. Senate, and know that when it comes to protecting your rights, he will never compromise.

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