FreedomWorks for America Endorses Thomas Massie for Congress

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FreedomWorks for America President Adam Brandon announced the endorsement of Thomas Massie for re-election to represent Kentucky’s fourth congressional district.

“Thomas Massie is one of the very best votes for liberty, the Constitution, and fiscal responsibility in the House. With a 97% lifetime score with FreedomWorks and a 100% this year, he is one of activists’ favorite members of Congress.

“He got these high marks because we share the same principles, which lead us to the same conclusions, supporting less government, lower taxes, and more freedom.

“It’s not just Massie’s votes that make him an exceptional candidate.  Massie is a leader who is not afraid to stand tall for his constituents.

“No one is more committed to our conservative principles than he is, which is why I urge FreedomWorks activists to work hard to ensure that we get two more years of Thomas Massie.”

Press Contact

Peter Vicenzi

Director of Communications