FreedomWorks for America Endorses Rand Paul in the Kentucky U.S. Senate Race

Rand Paul

Rand Paul

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks for America is proud to announce our endorsement of Sen. Rand Paul for the United States Senate in Kentucky. Sen. Paul’s score on FreedomWorks’ Legislative Scorecard is one of the highest by a significant margin, with his lifetime score standing at a remarkable 98 percent. Thanks to his unwavering commitment to liberty, we have awarded Sen. Paul with our Freedom Fighter Award ten years in a row–one for every year that he has served in office. 

Noah Wall, FreedomWorks for America Executive Director, commented: 

“The impact that Sen. Paul has had in the United States Senate and on the liberty movement at large cannot be overstated. Time and time again we have seen Sen. Paul stand up to power-hungry bureaucrats and fellow members of Congress in intrepid defense of the Constitution and Americans’ freedoms. Especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Sen. Paul’s unequivocal stance for liberty has made him an invaluable ally in checking the federal government’s power, from opposing reckless spending to providing much needed transparency to taxpayers that other lawmakers would be content to withhold. His career-long fight to protect 4th amendment rights has only gained steam during the past year and half, demonstrating that the Senator sticks to his principles even in a crisis.

“We are extremely grateful for Sen. Paul’s service and count ourselves lucky to support his re-election campaign. As the Biden-Harris administration continues to flounder and exhibit gross incompetence, and Democratic members of Congress continue their steady march to the far left, it is crucial to keep Sen. Paul in office so that he can continue his work of putting freedom above politics. We, along with our six million grassroots activists, look forward to standing behind Sen. Paul in 2022.

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