FreedomWorks for America Endorses Matt Seely in Michigan’s 8th Congressional District

Matt Seely

Matt Seely

  • Michigan 8th
  • House

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June 13, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks for America is proud to endorse Matt Seely in Michigan’s eighth congressional district.

“Matt Seely is FreedomWorks for America’s choice to represent Michigan’s eighth congressional district because he is a voice for the grassroots,” commented Noah Wall, FreedomWorks for America Executive Director. “Seely has his finger on the pulse of his community, and he’s seen firsthand what the Biden administration’s reckless economic policies have done to the Michiganders he will represent in Washington.”

“Seely is committed to lowering the economic burden on Michigan families and ensuring that his community remains safe and secure. The same could not be said for his out-of-touch, liberal opponent, who has embraced Democrats’ radical defund the police agenda. The eighth district deserves a pro-Constitution fighter in the Nation’s Capital. Matt Seely is just the right man for the job.”

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Peter Vicenzi

Director of Communications