FreedomWorks for America Endorses Conservative Candidate Jonathan Johnson in the Utah Republican Gubernatorial Primary

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Washington, DC- FreedomWorks for America today endorsed business leader Jonathan Johnson in the Utah Republican gubernatorial primary. Johnson, chairman of the board of, took 55 percent of delegates at the Utah Republican Nominating Convention in April. Incumbent Gov. Gary Herbert, however, took 45 percent. A June 28 primary election was set because no candidate won 60 percent of delegates at the nominating convention.

“Utah needs a governor who is willing to tackle tough issues without compromising core conservative principles. Jonathan Johnson is a business leader with a track record of success, and he is a strong conservative who is committed to the rule of law, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and local control,” said FreedomWorks for America Chairman Adam Brandon. “He is willing to fight back when Washington tries to force big government policies on Utahns.”

“Gary Herbert, however, has increased taxes by $625 million – including fuel, property, and sales tax hikes. The spending increases, tax hikes, and growth of government on his watch earned him a dismal fiscal policy grade, a ‘D,’ from the Cato Institute. He actually had a lower score than six liberal Democratic governors,” Brandon continued. “Herbert is pursuing an agenda that is inconsistent with conservatism. In addition to his poor fiscal policy record, he supports ObamaCare expansion in Utah and, until very recently, was a proponent of Common Core.”

“We hope Utah Republicans will vote for a principled conservative in the primary and nominate Jonathan Johnson on June 28,” he added.

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