FreedomWorks for America Endorses Bo Hines in North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District

Bo Hines

Bo Hines

  • North Carolina 13th
  • House

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March 29, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks for America is proud to endorse Bo Hines in North Carolina’s 13th congressional district.

“We are excited to announce our support for Bo Hines’ candidacy,” commented Noah Wall, FreedomWorks for America Executive Director. “Hines is an impressive young conservative who will take on the political establishment, which has only become more corrupt under the Biden Administration, and reform it to work for the American people. This means empowering workers, cutting down the bureaucratic state, and ending the kowtowing to the woke mob once and for all.”

“Taking back the majority means nothing if that majority isn’t filled with principled conservative leaders. We look forward to electing a fresh face to the House who will champion a commonsense, pro-America agenda and put the concerns of his constituents first. Our grassroots activists in North Carolina are eager to activate on Hines’ behalf.” 

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Director of Communications