FreedomWorks for America Endorses Anthony Sabatini in Florida’s U.S. House Race

December 10, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks for America is proud to endorse Anthony Sabatini in Florida’s U.S. House race. Noah Wall, FreedomWorks for America Executive Director, commented: 

“Representative Anthony Sabatini has been called ‘the staunchest and most vocal conservative’ in Florida’s state legislature, a title that he should wear with honor. Throughout his tenure representing Florida’s 32nd district, Rep. Sabatini has been fearless and deliberate in his actions to tackle the issues that matter most to Floridians: getting critical race theory out of schools, cracking down on government bloat and corruption, and striving for safer communities. His defense of Floridians’ right to keep open their businesses early on in the lockdowns of 2020 also comes to mind as a shining example of his dedication to individual liberty.

“We believe that Rep. Sabatini takes the grassroots call to heart and would make a mark on day one if elected to serve in the U.S. House. Electing a strong and authentic conservative majority to the House is crucial to stopping the current administration’s America-last agenda. Rep. Sabatini will stop amnesty, put conservative values first, and reclaim our institutions from the Left.

“We wish Rep. Sabatini the best of luck and look forward to seeing his bid pick up steam in the new year with the help of our six-million-plus grassroots activists.”

Press Contact

Peter Vicenzi

Director of Communications