FreedomWorks For America Congratulates Rep. Ron DeSantis on His Victory in Florida’s Republican Gubernatorial Primary

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks For America is proud to congratulate Rep. Ron DeSantis (R- Fla.) on his win in Florida’s Republican gubernatorial primary.

Noah Wall, FreedomWorks For America Executive Director, commented:

“Congratulations to Rep. DeSantis on his big win in Florida tonight. DeSantis ran a tough campaign focused on the issues voters care about: economic growth, improving education, and defending the constitution. DeSantis reflects Florida values.”

“It’s always great to see a member of the House Freedom Caucus win the nomination for higher office. FreedomWorks For America is certain that Rep. DeSantis will make an excellent governor. We wish him the best of luck against his far-left liberal opponent this November.”

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