FreedomWorks for America Endorses Matt Rosendale for Senate

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FreedomWorks for America President Adam Brandon announced the endorsement of Matt Rosendale for Senate in Montana. Sen. Jon Tester currently holds the seat.

“Matt Rosendale is a trusted name at FreedomWorks. We are thrilled to see his fire to run for the U.S. Senate. Our activists are enthusiastic about his race, given his conservative track record in several different offices in the state.

“Matt is a strong piece of his community. He’s a rancher, a small business owner, and a proven leader who has improved the lives of his neighbors, helping them by creating 65 new jobs and helping them find their new homes.

“He is right on the issues: he is determined to fully repeal ObamaCare and support more constitutionalists at the Supreme Court.

“I encourage our activists in Montana to back Matt Rosendale for Senate. Please do whatever you can to help him win the primary and challenge Sen. Jon Tester in the general election.”

Press Contact

Peter Vicenzi

Director of Communications