FreedomWorks for America Endorses Josh Hawley for Senate

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FreedomWorks for America President Adam Brandon announced the endorsement of Josh Hawley for Senate in Missouri. Sen. Claire McCaskill currently holds the seat.

“Attorney General Josh Hawley has been a true defender of the Constitution. He has shown he’ll take on crony special interests and fight for the people of Missouri.

“Senator Claire McCaskill represents everything wrong with Washington, D.C. and the liberal agenda. Fortunately, Josh Hawley will work to roll back government’s intrusion into our lives.

“He holds to the principles of our grassroots community. And he is the only Republican who can defeat Claire McCaskill.

“I encourage our activists in Missouri to support Josh Hawley to replace a liberal voice in Washington that opposes everything true conservatives champion. I’m confident you’ll be proud to call Josh Hawley your senator.”

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Peter Vicenzi

Director of Communications