FreedomWorks for America Congratulates Russ Fulcher on ID-01 Primary Victory

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Following news that former state senator Russ Fulcher was declared the official winner of the ID-01 Republican primary, FreedomWorks for America’s Executive Director Noah Wall commented:

“Congratulations to Russ Fulcher, who safely sealed his fate tonight as the successor to Rep. Raúl Labrador. This race was a huge battleground for conservative activists to defend the House Freedom Caucus, and their hard work across the district paid off.

“FreedomWorks for America will continue supporting Fulcher through the general election, and we’re looking forward to watching him take his record of creating Idaho jobs and protecting taxpayers to Washington.”

FreedomWorks for America implemented a robust digital ad campaign to reach more than 63,000 conservative Republicans in the district with an average of 10 ads each, almost matching the district’s average GOP primary turnout of 70,000 voters.

The ads communicated a pro-Fulcher message and provided voters with polling location information.

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