Raised in a family of small business owners, Rep.
Ted Budd learned early (and often) that hard work,
family, and faith are the foundation to success. Ted
grew up on a cattle and commercial chicken farm
in Davie County where he still lives today with his
wife and three kids.

Ted’s record is clear: he is dedicated to fighting
for North Carolina families. That’s why Ted voted
to cut middle-class taxes and why he votes to
deregulate small businesses who are strangled by
big government.

Ted knows that the best way to get the American
economy ramped up again after the COVID
shutdowns is through a system that encourages
innovation and relieves the stranglehold of
overregulation. He is committed to making a
difference, not building a political career.

Candidate’s Issues of Focus:

  • Tax Cuts
  • Deregulation
  • Second Amendment Issues


  • Retiring Senator Richard Burr recorded a 29% on the FreedomWorks legislative scorecard in 2020, however, Rep. Ted Budd has recorded a spectacular 97% lifetime rating over the span of his career in the U.S. House.
  • With the control of our 50-50 split Senate in the balance, Republicans need to run principled candidates who demonstrate a clear path to victory. Rep. Ted Budd is that candidate to represent the great state of North Carolina.
  • Endorsed by former President Donald Trump and the Club for Growth.