Mike was born and raised in Jackson, Georgia. He credits his first job at age 12, sweeping floors in his dad’s shop, for instilling in him the value of hard work and an appreciation for the American Dream. That strong foundation and his entrepreneurial spirit spurred him to found his first business at age 25.

For the past 31 years since, Mike has successfully owned and operated several small businesses. Since then, he’s grown his trucking business from just one semi-truck to a fleet of 115. Collins Trucking hauls millions of metric tons of freight throughout the nation each year and employs more than 100 hard-working Georgians. He led the field in the first round of the May 2022 Republican primary.

Candidate’s Issues of Focus:

  • Cutting Taxes
  • Border Security
  • America First Agenda


  • Big supporter of the House Freedom Caucus