Kari Lake is a former Arizona Fox news anchor. After 22 years, she walked away from her career in journalism to run for the Governor of Arizona seat. Kari is a familiar face that Arizonians trust. From her years of experience in the field of concervative media, Kari has continued to be a voice for common sense policies of less taxes, individual liberties, limited government regulation, and protecting Arizona’s western heritage. 

Throughout her career covering the Phoenix area and beyond, Kari has seen firsthand how the Left’s agenda has inflicted damage on her great state–from Biden’s open border policy, to chronic homelessness, to attempts to woke-ify Arizona schools. Kari is the only candidate in this race with the backing of the grassroots, and with their support, on day one Kari will fight back for all Arizonians.


  • Border Crisis
  • Tackling Homelessness
  • Education Reform


  • Kari is endorsed by Donald Trump, Marsha Blackburn, and Andy Biggs.
  • Raised in rural Iowa, Kari is the youngest of nine children. Today, Kari and her husband have two children and reside in Arizona.