Joe Kent was born and raised in Oregon where he spent much of his time in Boy and Explorer Scouts. When Joe turned 18, he enlisted in the Army, where he earned the coveted Green Beret. Joe is a combat veteran of the Global War on Terror and retired after more than 20 years of military and government service. 

After serving in the Army Special Forces, Joe and his two sons relocated to Yacolt, Washington, where the people there share his traditional conservative values and it was the ideal place to raise his children. 

Joe decided to jump into the political arena after he voted for Representative Beutler and felt that she betrayed his and the district’s trust. Joe is ready to fight for the future of our nation and the legacy we will leave for our children.

Candidate’s Issues of Focus:

  • Economy and Creating Jobs
  • Supporting Military and Law Enforcement
  • Foreign Policy


  • Joe was an Army Ranger and became a Green Baret.
  • He later became an advisor in the Trump administration and started writing papers on Middle East counterterrorism.