Harriet has dedicated her career to fighting for the people of the great State of Wyoming as they’ve been under assault from Washington, D.C., and career politicians. For the last 20 years, she has been fighting back against Federal agencies that try to usurp our rights with overbearing regulations. She’ll never allow her conservative values to be shaken in the face of Left-Wing ideologues.

As an attorney, Harriet battled Bill Clinton’s attempt to block access to one-third of our National Forest Lands, stopped the EPA’s efforts to take control of our irrigation infrastructure and operations, and blocked the USDA from forcing our livestock producers to use radio-frequency ear tags and register all of Wyoming’s ranches with the federal government, and more. Now she’s ready to fight for Wyomingites in Congress.

Candidate’s Issues of Focus:

  • Cut Government Spending
  • Election Integrity
  • Deregulating the Administrative State


  • Endorsed by President Donald Trump and Senator Rand Paul.
  • Harriet was raised on a ranch near Fort Laramie.